Exclusive Regular Expressions Training Program

Master Regular Expressions For GA & GTM

If you want to learn Regular Expressions and looking for the best online courses then you have come to the right place. Knowledge of Regular Expressions is often a difference between a beginner and an experienced marketer.

Why to learn Regular Expressions?

Premium Regular Expressions Course
for Experienced Marketers

Without an understanding of regular expressions, it's hard to imagine a filters customization and user segments in Google Analytics, or rules in GTM, or Rewrite Rule in .htaccess. Also, it's widely used by SEOs to solve different tasks.

Importance of Regular Expressions for Marketers

Underperforming? Scared?
Dip your toes into the powerful world of Regex

It's the only upskill program for exp. marketers in India. It certainly makes you a better marketer by expanding your knowledge that helps in analyzing data in the right way.

Complex triggers using RegEx in GTM

Learn Regular Expressions complete practically. Create customized triggers, RegEx tables in Google Tag Manager

Advanced segmentation using RegEx

Setting up complex custom segments, segment for long tail keywords. Create IP address range filters and insightful analysis.

Advanced GA Filters using RegEx

Filtering data based on complex patterns in GA reporting interface. Create custom table filters using RegEx

Advanced Analytical skills with RegEx

Create content groups, redefine channel grouping, rewriting url's using RegEx in GA and Funnel Setup with Regular Expressions

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Regular Expressions Course Syllabus:

  1. Introduction to Regular Expressions
  2. Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet
  3. Advantages of Regular Expressions(Pattern Matching) over Ctrl+F
  4. How to Create Regular Expression Patterns?
  5. Use of Modifiers in Regular Expressions
  6. What are Meta Characters and Types of Meta Characters
  7. What are Single Characters and its Examples
  8. What are Quantifiers and Use of Quantifiers in Regular Expressions
  9. Example for Creating a Simple Regular Expression Pattern
  10. Example for Creating a Regular Expression that matches Mobile Number in Different Forms
  11. What are Character Classes and Use of Character Classes in Regular Expressions
  12. What are Capturing Groups in Regular Expressions?
  13. How to Create a Regular Expression that Validates an E-Mail Address?
  14. How to Read Domain Name from a URL using Regular Expressions?
  1.  How to Read URI and Fragment from a URL using Regular Expressions?
  2. How to Read a Specific Value from a URL using Regular Expressions?
  3. Implementation of Match Method with Regular Expression Objects
  4. Implementation of Search Method with Regular Expression Objects
  5. Implementation of Replace Method with Regular Expression Objects
  6. Implementation of Test Method with Regular Expression Objects
  7. Implementation of Execute Method with Regular Expression Objects
  8. Use of Regular Expressions in Google Tag Manager
  9. Use of Regular Expressions in Google Analytics
  10. How to create a Regular Expression Pattern to Filter Keywords of Different Length in Google Analytics?
  11. How to create Regular Expressions to Filter a Range of IP Addresses in GA

Regular Expressions Course Pricing

Regular Expressions

Individual Bootcamp Program

Master Google Analytics Like a PRO. It's complete practicals. Learn complex GA Implementations in real-time.

Fee: INR 7,999/-

3-4 hours everyday. (special 1-1 session)

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Our Flagship Program

Measurement Bootcamp

A Complete Mastery Program

Acquire high-end marketing and measurement skills. Every day 5-6 hours. Acquire skills like 10+ years exp. marketer

Fee: INR 72,000/-

5-6 hours everyday.

Have specific questions? Please write to admission@measuremarketer.com

Regular Expressions

Fast-Track Program for Professionals

2 Hours everyday only for experienced digital marketers who wish to upskill with the most crucial Google Analytics Skills.

Fee: INR 4,999/-

2 hours every day. Experienced Marketers only.

Have specific questions? Please write to admission@measuremarketer.com

No matter where your business or career is in its growth, we have a program for you.

For Experienced Marketers : Our Measurement Bootcamp is the only upskill program in India for experienced digital marketers. Over 80+ of people who've enrolled are experienced marketers.

For Freshers : Freshers need to go through a mandatory pre-bootcamp of 7 days where you would learn about basics and skills required for you to get into the immersive bootcamp program.

For Business Owners : Improve your business ROI's and Revenues. Learn to scale your business using these digital marketing platforms. Our agency handles clients across NA, EMEA and APAC.

Master Regular Expressions like a PRO

Live Interactive sessions, 1-year access to videos from Advanced to Expert level. Learn everything that is related to RegEx and its use in GA and GTM.
Improve your tracking abilities and measurement skills.