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Google Ads Conversion Tracking for Multi-tier Form on Website / App

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To set up conversion tracking for a multi-tier form on your website using Google Ads, you can follow these steps:

  • Create a conversion action: In your Google Ads account, go to the “Tools & Settings” menu and click on “Conversions.” Then click on the blue plus button to create a new conversion action. Choose the “Website” option and give your conversion action a name. Set the value of the conversion if applicable, and select the “Multiple items purchase” option.
  • Install the conversion tracking tag: Copy the conversion tracking tag provided by Google Ads and add it to the thank-you page that visitors will see after they complete the form. Make sure to place the tag on the confirmation page so that it only fires when the user has completed the form.
  • Set up conversion tracking for each tier: Since you have a multi-tier form, you can set up conversion tracking for each tier separately. To do this, you can add an additional tag to each tier’s thank-you page, with a different value assigned for each tier.
  • Test and verify: Once you’ve installed the tags, you can use the Google Tag Assistant or the Google Ads conversion tracking test tool to verify that the tags are firing correctly.
  • Analyze results: You can now track the performance of each tier of your form separately in Google Ads. You can see how many conversions each tier is generating and adjust your bids and targeting accordingly.
  • By following these steps, you can accurately track conversions for each tier of your multi-tier form using Google Ads conversion tracking. 

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