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India's First Marketing & Measurement Bootcamp for Experienced Marketers

Measuremarketer.com believes measurement is the heart of all marketing. Learn & implement measurement strategies like a 10+ year experienced digital marketer.

You can't manage what you can't measure, or maybe more appropriately, you can't market what you can't measure. Become a Measure Marketer.

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Prashanth Reniguntala

4 I's of Measurement Bootcamp
Insights - Ideas - Implement - Improve​

4 I's of Bootcamp
Insights - Ideas - Implement - Improve​


Get Insights from the available data. Digital marketing is a data driven way of marketing and data is the king.


Turn insights into actionable ideas. Analyze the data to see what worked and what didn't from the marketing campaigns data.


Implement the actionable ideas. Optimize the campaigns, set up the KPI's & goals. What gets measured gets managed.


Measure and Improve Campaigns ROI. Analyze again and optimize campaigns so that it drives more wins and bigger wins.

Get More Out of Ads & Analytics
High-End Marketing & Measurement Programs

Acquire deep skills across all the Digital Marketing & Analytics Platforms

Get More Out of Ads & Analytics
High-End Marketing & Measurement Program

Google Tag Manager Training

Google Tag Manager

Improve your marketing and web analytics data collection processes with Google tag manager skills.

Google Analytics Training

Google Analytics 4

Turn insights into actionable ideas. Analyze the data to see what worked and what didn't from the marketing campaigns data.

Google Ads Training

Google Ads

Learn the most high-end Google Ads strategies to maximize the performance of your ads

FB Ads & FB Pixel

Learn to redefine your Facebook Campaigns, Tracking, Targeting, and Optimization with Pixel

Experienced Marketer? Upskill Yourself with our Premium Measurement Bootcamp

The difference between high-growth and slow-growth companies is the skill sets their marketing teams have to make it happen. Marketing training programs to people serious about their career,

Marketing & Measurement Bootcamp Program

The measurement bootcamp is for both experienced & freshers who wish to upskill or learn some very high-end marketing skills. Check the complete bootcamp Curriculum.

Performance Marketers Measurement Program (7+ yrs exp marketers only)

This program is only for experienced marketers with much experience in Google Ads, FB ads, Analytics. The program focuses only on measurement strategies.

450+ Hours & 36+ Modules

Performance Improvement Strategies. Acquire Data-Driven Marketing Skills

99% of digital marketers don't measure at all, even if they do they do it all wrong. This is the main reason most experienced marketers are frustrated and under perform and see no growth in their careers.

Many digital marketers even today think marketing and programming are different. They even say that there is no programming in digital marketing. Without JavaScript knowledge, you can't implement advanced measurement and tracking stuff on the website. Learning programming with digital marketing will redefine the way the marketing is done and measured.

Measure Marketer - Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Learn Skills Like a 10+ Years exp. Marketer. Become an Analytics Ninja

In measurement bootcamp, you'll learn complex marketing & measurement skills. This is a program for DOER’S. This involves extensive JavaScript and it’s 100% Practicals with real-time implementations.

Measure Marketer - Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Learn Complete enhanced eCommerce Tracking. Advanced Analytics & GTM Skills.​

Learn most advanced Google Tag Manager strategies in real-time. GTM strategies that people with 8+ years of digital marketing experience can’t implement. No other way to learn real digital marketing skills except rigorous practice.

80% of people who've enrolled into measurement bootcamp are experienced marketers who wish to upskill themselves with complex analytics and GTM implementations for new marketing demands.

Its Practical’s and only Practical’s, nothing apart from Practical’s.

Learn the core Analytics Skills. Improve your data Collection Strategies

Most digital marketers don't understand analytics at all. For them analytics is just one tool and they think that't it. Native analytics is not going to solve major business problems. You need to learn and understand the whole schema of analytics platforms.

450+ Hours (6-7 Hrs Each day) of Real-Time Classes with Assignments. Collect every data point across all touchpoints in the user's purchase journey.

Pre Bootcamp (10 Days) + Immersive Bootcamp (55 Days).

Measure Marketer - Multi Channel Marketing

UpSkill to play the enterprise game. Say 'NO' to Marketing Mediocrity with Institutes.

Our 5,000 square foot physical campus was designed to inspire creativity, collaboration, and inspired learning with bright engaging classrooms and multi functional event spaces and comfortable lounges. It’s a place for people who want to make a career in digital marketing.

You’ll always find people implementing high end analytics measurement plans in digital marketing bootcamp.

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Prashanth Reniguntala

3 months with us will put you 5 years ahead.

Institutes & courses do a very good job of introducing digital marketing to freshers but after working for years in digital marketing you can’t go to institutes to up-skill since what you know is far beyond what trainers and institutes know. It was conceived for experienced digital marketers who lack real measurement skills and wish to upskill.

This is a complex program for experienced marketers and that what makes the whole bootcamp thing hard and intimidating.

What you’ll learn is something that 10+ years experienced marketers don’t implement.

Prashanth Reniguntala - Founder, CEO - Measure Marketer

4,000+ Subscribers

We are trusted by over 4000+ experienced marketers on YouTube.

Learn complex analytics and GTM implementations and become a technical marketer. Don’t wait for a right time or a right day to come. It’s high time.

Learn in Agency Like Environment.
Acquire Skills like 10+ years of Exp.

Learn with international bootcamper's and people from across the country. Give yourself a rich experience by co-learning with experienced marketers in a perfect agency like environment in the digital marketing bootcamp.

Why Measurement Bootcamp is Special?

80% of people who join the bootcamp are experienced digital marketers. Marketing + JavaScript skills have redefined the way digital marketing is done and measured. Without JavaScript, you can’t track important user actions. Digital marketers without these skills are becoming irrelevant. "What you can’t measure, you cant market."

Read Institute v/s Bootcamp

Institutes are not marketing companies and they don't teach you advanced eCommerce stuff.

Download Bootcamp Brochure

Check the measurement bootcamp brochure to get a sneak-peak into the program and functioning.

Download Bootcamp Syllabus

A 80 page syllabus book that covers most complex and advanced marketing strategies and JS programming skills

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This is an Aspirational Program.
Read Institutes vs Bootcamp

Underperforming? Scared? Not driving Results?
Master skills like a 10+ experienced digital marketer.

Digital Marketing Training in India needs a paradigm shift in the way these skills are taught. You have to practice & work on real-time eCommerce websites to use the most advanced features of Google ads, Facebook ads, GTM strategies with JavaScript.

  • Institutes are NOT marketing companies.
  • Institutes don’t have Clients. 
  • Institutes don’t have real-time campaign data. 
  • Institutes make you work on mock websites.
  • Institutes, don’t teach you enhanced eCommerce tracking.
  • At Institutes, you don’t gain the performance confidence. 

Master Facebook Pixel & Regular Expressions Like a PRO

Check our premium content on Facebook Pixel & RegEx
Master skills like a 10+ experienced digital marketer.

Facebook Pixel Mastery Course

Master Facebook Pixel Like a PRO - 80+ Videos (INR 999/- Only)

Facebook Pixel is the single most important feature of Facebook Advertising and optimization.

Regex Numerci Range Generator Tool

Master Regular Expressions Like a PRO - 30+ Videos (INR 3,999/-)

Regular Expressions is a critical skill for people who are working on Google Analytics & GTM.

dataLayer Builder Tool

Data Layer Object Builder Tool for Web Measurement

dataLayer is the most important part of the GTM. Without dataLayer GTM is ineffective.

Learn JavaScript + Marketing
Say 'YES' to Measurement Marketing

At MeasureMarketer's digital marketing bootcamp, we believe measurement is the heart of all marketing strategies. We keep measurement at the heart of every thing we do. Hover your cursor on the image below and see how JavaScript can track everything we interact with on the website.

With MarTech & AdTech becoming more dominant every day in Digital Marketing, companies and agencies are under pressure to constantly implement better ad strategies or develop their own to cope with ever-changing ad platforms and very dynamic ad formats.

You need to learn beyond the basic settings and tools of a marketing platform. You need to learn to understand the functional significance of each platform and understand the customers journey that spans across multiple channels tracking all user actions.

Want Google Analytics & GTM Consultation?

Over the years, we have helped more than 300 advertisers sustainably improve their data-collection strategies and implement a fool proof measurement plan for the website. If you want to learn how our team can do the same for you, go ahead and request a free consultation.

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Trusted by 5000+ Experienced Digital Marketers. Watch on YouTube

YouTube channels on digital marketing are 'dime a dozen'. However, there is no other YouTube channel that creates such high-end content like we do in India. Don't believe us? Watch our videos !

Skills that Deliver.
Results that Matter.

Aspire - Tag Line

A Mandatory Pre - Bootcamp

STAGE 1: You would get highly acquainted with the marketing growth concepts and purchase journey of users, decoy models, funnels and functionalities across different digital marketing platforms and across multiple marketing channels.

Acquire - Tag Line

Marketing & Measurement Bootcamp

STAGE 2: You’ll implement digital marketing strategies on a live eCommerce website using Google Ads, FB Ads, & important channels. Businesses have different goals; learn to focus on their goals & optimize for KPI’s with Measurement Plans.

Achieve - Tag Line

Data Analysis and Optimization

STAGE 3: Monitor the results of the campaigns and analyze whether the goals are achieved for our client campaigns. Assist our Account Managers in driving higher ROI's & conversion rates. Work with us as an inern if u wish to.

5 Focus Areas in Bootcamp



Learn & understand concepts that are needed for successful marketing. Focus on the functional significance of them all.



Research more about them to gain the confidence, research about competitors and other related stuff to get deeper understanding.



Planning is the key to successful marketing. Many have a marketing plan, only few have a follow-up plan. Only those who do will drive results and grow.



Implement the plan by thoroughly testing the strategy. Know before hand the expected results so you can keep under your target CPA's and scale.



Optimze the campaigns based on the results. Identify what's working and what's not. Constantly find insights that drive more ROI's& sales.

Who could benefit from this?

This program is for people serious about building skills, and are ready to put in the effort it takes to complete a Minidegree.

Apply for '7 Day No Questions Asked Access' to Bootcamp

Get access to our digital marketing bootcamp for 7 days in our state of the art premise and see the measurement bootcamp in action. Remember, institutes its activity, bootcamp its action.

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